Welcome to this world, we’ve been waiting for you.

Your life is about to change. You are about to realize a miracle, and you don’t need to believe in magic to experience it.

Join us on a journey of self discovery and acceptance. You can live a creative life filled with promise and joy! Take the first step by watching this intro video to our mission.



Do you hear the call?

There is something inside of you trying to break free. Maybe you are trying to land that dream job, lose that extra weight, or find true love. Maybe you just want to feel light and wake each day with a smile on your face.

There is a way to make it all happen. It can be your reality! Realizing you want a change is your first step. We can help you with the rest.

Transformation for real people.

My system is not about “manifesting” or other forms of magical thought. It is about real world solutions to real problems. There is no shame or blame placed on our clients for their current circumstances…we know that life is hard and we were not all given the tools to deal with it.

But that’s where I step in, as your sidekick! I’ll help you find the tools that work for you, so that you can live the life you have always wanted.

Why I do what I do.

My whole life has led me to this moment. I’ve had to walk through the fires to become the person I am today – and I want to share my wisdom and inspiration with you. Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us, someone to care for us, and someone to push us to the next level, when we think we can’t take another step. That’s where I come in. It’s what makes me get up with a smile every morning; the idea that I get to meet you and I get to share the light with you.

My workshops, blog and exercises, coaching, and motivational talks and inspirational performances can help you realize your full potential. You can spark a fire in your own life and you can be a light for others. There is an exciting and playful future just waiting for you to show up. Let me be your guide and let’s blaze this trail together!


Personal growth begins with that first step into the great unknown! Our Group Expeditions are a perfect way to work with others in a nurturing environment. But if going it alone is more your style, try our Solo Journey materials to help you find your next adventure. Both are a perfect way to immerse yourself in my holistic approach to life.



Every superhero needs a sidekick; that person behind the scenes that helps the hero realize their full potential. Whether the sidekick offers a new point of view, new skills or knowledge, or just a push in the right direction, they are a valuable resource to the hero’s journey. The Sidekick Program allows you to work one-on-one with Mai to take charge of your life.

Let me share my passion and inspiration with you and your people. If you are seeking motivation with meaning or a way to spark creativity with your colleagues, my performances and talks are what you need! They range from theatrical storytelling and spoken word to educational talks with heart. I’m excited to bring my original works to your company, school, or nonprofit.

Life is an adventure, it’s time you took that first step into the great unknown! 

Have you ever met someone who could make a boring task, like dishwashing, feel like fun? They just have this great sense of humor and amazing ability to make a game out of everything. They bring light and laughter wherever they go.

Well, that person could be you!

Every day you wake up you have an opportunity to redirect your sails and get on course! But you don’t have to feel like things are all wrong, to want a change. Even if you are happy with your life’s direction, you can still enjoy a little fun and try something new.

We offer an innovative way to look at the world and help our members discover their own strength and passion for life. They realize that the love, friendship, and success they have always wanted, is in reach. And the journey doesn’t have to be painful, it can feel like a party.

Join us for a playful new way to grow, and love, this amazing ride we call life!