Seven Days to a Happier Life

Happiness does not have to be elusive. We don’t have to wait until we get that big house or make our first million. There are things that we can do every day to improve our mood. But where do we begin? There are thousands of books on how to attain happiness. There are countless blogs … Continue reading Seven Days to a Happier Life

Harnessing the Beast of Procrastination

There is a beast living inside all of us. I like to call him “procrastination.” But he gets a lot of bad press. I think he is just misunderstood. He isn’t a monster at all, he is willing to work with us, we just need to know how to coax him into cooperation. How do … Continue reading Harnessing the Beast of Procrastination

The Key Elements to Creating Happiness

What is happiness? When many of us think of happiness we picture someone grinning from ear to ear, right? Maybe they just landed their dream job or won the lottery. For the majority of us, happiness is often thought of as a euphoric state brought about by good luck, luxury, and everything being perfectly in … Continue reading The Key Elements to Creating Happiness