Our Mission

To heal the world, one heart at a time.

We share real world solutions for real world problems. We help you find the tools that work for you, so that you can live the life you have always wanted.

Our three guiding principles are:

Compassion: a tenderness and loving acceptance of the self and others

Creativity: the use of the imaginative fire within us all

Connection: the art of lovingly relating with others

Never forget, your darkest hour can’t keep you from realizing the sun.

Mai Rose

Life isn’t always easy.

I was born to a mechanic and a homemaker in the heart of the Midwest. When I was three years old my father had a tragic accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He lost his memory and broke nearly every bone in his body. Our family lost everything: our income, our home, our social standing, and our community.

This was my first experience with the challenges that life can bring.

Because my father could no longer work, poverty became a way of life. The family moved around from community to community, often living in abandoned and run down homes. We survived by living off the land and government assistance. Sometimes we didn’t even have running water.

But when life is rough you learn to hustle.

I learned the meaning of hard work and determination by watching my parents’ devotion to each other and to our family. It has served me well while dealing with homelessness, poverty, depression, illness, divorce, and blindness.

But life has also offered me great joy and success.

I have studied at Drake University and the University of Minnesota; from Theater and English to Sociology and Communications. I have performed as an actress, worked in corporate America, ran a small business, and managed a nonprofit. For the last twenty years I have also studied mindfulness techniques and personal growth skills that have helped transform my life and heal my past.

All of these experiences make me uniquely qualified to offer you support on your journey. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I can keep you from having to reinvent the wheel.

Currently, I reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I offer one-on-one coaching, workshops, and performances to bring life changing skills and inspiration to all who seek it. I am excited to share my gifts with you.


“The best and most helpful advice comes when you are trying to make improvements in your life and someone with wisdom can guide you to recognize your own resources and potentials. Mai has been instrumental in guiding me through decisions in my life from small to large. Each choice I make has been growing in confidence and insight so that my future has never felt more positive and ripe with possibilities in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend taking the step to value your life enough to make it the best it can be by being intentional and seeking thoughtful guidance. Great things happen when you take the initiative.”

~Danielle, Boone, IA

“In the midst of massive career changes and confusion, Mai helped me see with simple clarity where my heart and soul were asking me to direct my attention and energy next. She listens intently, asks the perfect questions, and offers insight that you can feel is “right on”. Since that first session with Mai, I have continued to benefit from her ongoing encouragement, practical tools and practices, accountability and intuitive direction.I highly recommend working with Mai if you are truly ready to shine in all areas of your life!”

~Amy, Minneapolis, MN

“The services provided by Mai are very specifically tailored to the individual. She gets to the core of what can provide or what has prevented happiness. The mixture of talk and energy therapies create a full experience for the psyche and the body. Each week we peeled back more layers uncovering what will bring happiness. Working on the whole body is important and Mai is able to bring everything together in an enlightened and calming way. I really appreciated everything I learned about myself and wouldn’t hesitate to schedule another session.”

~Eric, Minneapolis, MN