Welcome to our world, we’ve been waiting for you.

Your life is about to change. You are about to realize a miracle; and the best part, you don’t need to believe in magic to experience it.

You can live a creative life filled with promise and joy! Take the first step by watching this introductory video on our mission.



We offer an innovative way to look at the world and help our clients explore their strengths and passion for life. Join us on the playful path to discovery and growth!

Personal growth begins with that first step into the great unknown! Our Group Expeditions are a perfect way to work with others in a nurturing environment. But if going it alone is more your style, try our Solo Journey materials to help you find your next adventure. Both are a perfect way to immerse yourself in my holistic approach to life.



Every superhero needs a sidekick; that person behind the scenes that helps the hero realize their full potential. Whether the sidekick offers a new point of view, new skills or knowledge, or just a push in the right direction, they are a valuable resource to the hero’s journey. The Sidekick Program allows you to work one-on-one with Mai to take charge of your life.

Let me share my passion and inspiration with you and your people. If you are seeking motivation with meaning or a way to spark creativity with your colleagues, my performances and talks are what you need! They range from theatrical storytelling and spoken word to educational talks with heart. I’m excited to bring my original works to your company, school, or nonprofit.

We are often bombarded with the argument that aspects of life are an either/or thing. For example: nature vs. nurture. Either we are forced to behave a certain way because of our nature; or we are constrained by the environment we grew up in. But at Realizing the Sun, we believe that life is never that simple and we must acknowledge and embrace the aspects of life that are false paradoxes. This is the compass that guides all of the work we do.


Life is richer when we couple the power of reason with the insight offered by our emotions.


Peace of mind comes through acceptance, and acceptance is necessary to thoughtfully create metamorphosis.


It is through love of the self that you can learn to love others, and by loving others you can begin to love yourself.