Take a journey through the absurd, tragic, and beautiful life of Mai Rose. Each chapter weaves through their story with the rhythm of life and brings us closer to an understanding of what it means to be human. Pieces of the picture fall into place, bringing poverty, disability, child abuse and sexual assault into stark relief. It reminds us that tragedy and injustice doesn’t only happen to other people, it can also happen to us. Their story may be painful at times, but it is imbued with hope and promise; a testament to the human spirit in us all. This show begs the audience to be the heroes that the world is crying out for. It is visually stunning and filled with moments of introspection. Don’t miss out on this true treasure.

The artist holds a degree in Sociology with a concentration in stratification and inequality in the United States and is available to talk on this subject from both a personal and a theoretical/academic perspective. Don’t miss out on this amazing show!

Call Mai Rose or email her to set up a performance for your school, office, or association.

Phone: 612.203.3991