“The best and most helpful advice comes when you are trying to make improvements in your life and someone with wisdom can guide you to recognize your own resources and potentials. Mai has been instrumental in guiding me through decisions in my life from small to large. Each choice I make has been growing in confidence and insight so that my future has never felt more positive and ripe with possibilities in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend taking the step to value your life enough to make it the best it can be by being intentional and seeking thoughtful guidance. Great things happen when you take the initiative.”
~Danielle, Boone, IA
“In the midst of massive career changes and confusion, Mai helped me see with simple clarity where my heart and soul were asking me to direct my attention and energy next. She listens intently, asks the perfect questions, and offers insight that you can feel is “right on”. Since that first session with Mai, I have continued to benefit from her ongoing encouragement, practical tools and practices, accountability and intuitive direction.I highly recommend working with Mai if you are truly ready to shine in all areas of your life!”
~Amy, Minneapolis, MN
“The services provided by Mai are very specifically tailored to the individual. She gets to the core of what can provide or what has prevented happiness. The mixture of talk and energy therapies create a full experience for the psyche and the body. Each week we peeled back more layers uncovering what will bring happiness. Working on the whole body is important and Mai is able to bring everything together in an enlightened and calming way. I really appreciated everything I learned about myself and wouldn’t hesitate to schedule another session.”
~Eric, Minneapolis, MN