Sometimes we just want to get together with some cool people and do something daring. My events and workshops are a fun way to shake things up and learn something new! We explore our deepest desires and learn to laugh at our circumstances. We embody acceptance, while aiming for the stars. Come join us on our next expedition!

Walk and Talk Wednesdays!

Join me, Mai Rose, at a local lake for a wonderful way to pick up your midweek blahs.

When: July 18th and 25th, 6:30 pm

Where: Lake Harriet, by the Bandshell

What: We start our evening with a fun networking exercise. This gives us a chance to know who our walking buddies will be and gives us an opportunity to build new friendships. Then I lead the group in a short uplifting talk that will help us get centered and feel inspired. The talks range from:

  • staying motivated, when you just can’t even
  • taking that first step, especially when you know it’s a doozy
  • finding the courage to be different when the world wants to put you in a box
  • learning to love all of our feels, etc.

After that we get a few minutes to reflect on what we have learned. Then, it’s time to move! The rest of the night is taking a stroll around the lake and talking with our friendly group of like-minded fellow walkers.

This is a lighthearted, open space, where you can be yourself and encourage others on their journey. It’s a great way to connect with some pretty cool people and get out and move your body.

Investment: Only your time, as this is FREE!

Create Your Own Avatar: A Workshop to Connect With Your Power and Step Into Your Destiny

This workshop helps you define your gifts, strengths, and passions. Then we use this knowledge to help create a visual representation of your best self. We design and assemble an avatar of the person that you are destined to become. The collaging process is fun and inspiring and a great way to let your creative juices flow.

The last part of the workshop focuses on how to use this new avatar to help empower you in your daily life so that you can learn to embody the elements that you have discovered already live inside of you.

This workshop is coming to Minneapolis soon!